Casinobull Casino is a global online casino that places significant emphasis on cryptocurrencies. Casinobull,

which was introduced in March 2022 by When Lambo (more on this in a moment), provides players with four generous deposit incentives in addition to 250 free spins!

The aesthetics of Casinobull Casino

Exactly what do you think of that? The victor of the competition for the most eminent corporate name globally has been announced. Casinobull Casino was established in good faith by an organisation known as When Lambo. To further enhance the epic nature of this name, the inclusion of the letter “h” in the word “when” would have been the only improvement.

“When/wen Lambo” is a prevalent phrase on the global cryptocurrency market, where everyone is anticipating substantial returns on their investments. The most successful cryptocurrencies, if they gained sufficient momentum, could enable their purchasers to purchase a brand-new Lamborgini… Not financial advice; independently investigate!

To digress… Additionally, Casinobull derives its name from the investment world, where being bullish signifies an expectation of an increase in value, while being bearish denotes the exact contrary. Aside from its irreverent moniker and stylish logo, Casinobull’s branding does not particularly stand out. The casino’s website is predominantly black, adorned with vibrant game symbols and white text.

What was my impression of Casinobull? Continue reading to discover!

Rewards and bonuses

Awelcoming new player bonuses are a customary feature of online casinos. They can provide excellent value for your money, as you will often have additional funds to spend on the numerous games that number in the hundreds or even thousands. Simply put, the greater your balance becomes, the more enjoyable your activities will be.

The welcome bonus for newly registered members at Casinobull Casino is as follows:

100% up to $700.00 in welcome incentive funds plus 100 free plays on Mermaid’s Bay

50% bonus on the second deposit, up to $600, plus 50 free spins on Lion’s Pride

Bonus on the third deposit: 50% up to $600 plus 50 free spins on Purple Pills.

Bonus for the fourth deposit: 50% up to $600 plus 50 free spins on CanCan Saloon

That is the value of four enormous deposit bonuses that are also redeemable for cryptocurrencies of equal worth.

The additional terms page is disorganised, featuring a black background and small grey font. This is peculiar, considering that Casinobull offers some of the finest incentives in the industry. That is to say, these are lifeline bonuses, in which you initially wager real money and have the option to withdraw your bonus portions without having to wager them.

Unfortunately, one proviso exists as well… In the event of a real money portion loss, the utmost cashout amount is reduced to five times the bonus amount. Therefore, if you make a $50 deposit and receive a $50 incentive, the maximum amount you can withdraw with the bonus portion is $250. While this may sound like a negative term, it does mean that your real money play will be completely limitless.

The incentive portion is subject to a 40x wagering requirement, with a maximum stake of 5 euros. Wagering begins only if the initial deposit is lost. Additionally, the deposit minimum is an unusually high 30 euros.

Games Opposition

Do you recall a time when online casinos hardly ever provided user-friendly listings of game providers? Fortunately, those times have passed, and Casinobull Casino also provides an excellent overview of what lies ahead.

Casinobull offers activities from fifty different providers. These are sadly not a significant number of triple-A studios. I noticed that the only truly well-known names were NetEnt and Pragmatic Play. Many others were unknown to me at the time. Njoy Gaming, TGC, Gamefish Global, AWC, LegaPlay, and mPlay are among these. Nevertheless, I have been apprised that integration with additional major top-tier providers is presently underway. This should undoubtedly increase the selection’s overall value.

Evolution Gaming provides the blackjack, casino poker, roulette, and baccarat terminals in the live casino section. At least you’re receiving items of the highest quality here!

Security and Protection

Casinobull Casino is authorised to operate from offshore. Clearly, Curacao is not regarded as the finest jurisdiction to obtain a licence; therefore, Casinobull participants ought to proceed with prudence. This is even more evident considering that Casinobull is a relatively new casino and When Lambo is also in its infancy.

Additionally, there are a few pointers to bear in mind regarding Casinobull. The minimal withdrawal amount is 50 euros, which is significantly greater than the norm at most casinos. It is consistently distressing when online casino companies implement such unfavourable exceptions.

Options for banking at Casinobull Casino

Reportedly, Casinobull Casino accepts more than 300 different payment methods from 170 different countries. Typical deposit methods accepted at the casino include Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, and more.

After a player makes a deposit, that player’s deposit will be converted into the cryptocurrency of their choosing. Additionally, in order to withdraw your cryptocurrency, you must do so through a physical cryptocurrency wallet. This action has been taken to prevent abrupt price fluctuations.

Withdrawals are generally considered to occur in near real time, barring any potential delays.

Advocate for

I initiated communication with Casinobull live chat support on a Sunday while conducting a review. A few seconds later, an intermediary named Rexar responded to my inquiries. He communicated that support is available continuously, 24/7, and he appeared cordial and receptive.

The way I was treated at Casinobull Casino

Casinobull is an entirely cryptocurrency-based casino where participants will, in fact, wager with cryptocurrencies. This is a thrilling prospect for many, as it means they can finally put their Bitcoin and Ethereum to good use.

Despite my initial surprise at the notably high minimum withdrawal amount, Casinobull appears to provide a reasonably comprehensive experience overall… This is particularly true as additional game providers are incorporated.






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